Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today is not my kind of day though ... I had a tough day at work with so much things to be done and with so many people bugging you here and there and you still have to do so much paperworks ... sigh ... then I ended up having an argument with my honey ... this is really the most difficult part. Whenever I get in an argument with my honey ... ... i cant just simply end the day without patching things up.

I think I need to take her somewhere romantic. I could do the usual places - somewhere in the Pacific, or perhaps the classics like Paris, Italy, Tahiti

This one really went to the sleeps without fixing things first ... at least for her ... but for me, I am still up and still find it so hard to sleep ... that's why I just finished this part of my site to at least try to get myself sleepy but I still think of her ... and its really difficult to go through the night knowing that she's mad .... gee ... hope she's in a great mood when she wakes up .... gee ... i really love her so much